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Siri can do many things for you on your iPhone, such as sending messages, providing information, getting directions, searching for contacts, and playing music. Still, there are more important Siri voice commands that every iPhone owner should know — even Siri haters.

Some of the bigger Siri commands you’ll benefit from come with iOS 16, so they’re pretty new and the ones you’re probably least likely to know about compared to the rest. Those that work on iOS 16 and older iOS versions should not be overlooked, however, there is a chance that you haven’t come across them yet, and one of them might be the one you use the most from now on. Huh.

All of the commands below should work if you start Siri with the side or home button, Hey Siri, or Type to Siri.

1. Restart or Shut Down your iPhone

In iOS 16 and later, you can ask Siri to “restart iPhone” or “restart phone,” and Siri will ask you to confirm that you really want to restart your device. You can say “Yes” or tap on the “Restart” button. The same goes for “Power off,” “Power off iPhone,” or “Power off phone.”

Before iOS 16, Siri would just say it couldn’t do it. (more info.)

Example Siri commands that work for restarting:

  • “Restart iPhone”
  • “restart phone”

Example Siri commands that work to power down:

  • “power off”
  • “Power Off iPhone”
  • “Power Off Phone”
  • “close”
  • “iphone off”
  • “turn off the phone”
  • “turn off iphone”
  • “hang up the phone”

2. See What’s Possible

Also only available on iOS 16 and later, the “What can I do here?” Helps you learn all possible Siri commands for the currently open app. You can also ask “What can I do with this [App Name]?” to learn about another app on your iPhone. Either way, if Siri can’t find any results, it will suggest some useful system commands. This command only works on the iPhone. Xs and new models. (more info.)

Example Siri command that works:

  • “What Can I Do Here?”
  • “What can I do [App Name],

3. Open system or app settings

When you need to change some iOS setting on your iPhone, the fastest way is to open the Settings app with Siri. Just say “open preferences” or “open settings” or just “preferences” or “settings”.

you can also say “[Menu Name] preferences” or [Menu Name] Settings” to open some specific submenus in Settings, but not all. Some that work include Accessibility, Display, General, Siri, and Wallpaper. For some, like “Zoom Settings,” Siri will show a button that you can click there. Can tap to jump. Others can’t do anything.

Plus, if you say “preferences” in almost any app, Siri can take you straight to that app’s settings. you can also say “[App Name] preferences” or “[App Name] Settings” to go directly to the requested app’s settings from any app. Amazingly, this doesn’t work with all Apple apps, but I’ve found that it works in over 60% of them.

Example Siri commands to open the Settings app:

  • “open preferences”
  • “open settings”
  • “Adjustment”

Example Siri commands to open an app or menu setting:

  • “Preferences” (when in the app)
  • ,[App Name] Like”
  • ,[App Name] Adjustment”
  • ,[Menu Name] Like”
  • ,[Menu Name] Adjustment”

4. Take a Screenshot

Siri can take a screenshot if you’re tired of fumbling with your hardware buttons and don’t like any other option. When you say “screenshot,” “take screenshot,” or something similar, Siri’s interface will quickly exit before the screenshot occurs. This works whether you have Always Show Siri Captions, Always Show Speech, or Show Apps Behind Siri enabled.

You can also send a new screenshot directly to someone with “Take and send screenshot”. [Contact]or something short like “Share screenshot [Contact],

Example Siri command that works:

  • “screenshot”
  • “take a screenshot”
  • “Snap a screenshot”
  • “take screen grab”
  • “Snap a Screen Grab”
  • “Take screenshot and send [Contact],
  • Share screenshot with [Contact],
  • Send screenshot to [Contact],

5. Cast Mantra

Whether you’re a big Harry Potter fan or not, it’s fun to let your iPhone do things differently. With Siri, you can chant “Lux,” “Nox,” and “Xeo” to turn on the flashlight, turn it off, and summon a particular app, respectively. If you’re a diehard fan, you can even program your iPhone to perform your own Potter spells for things like increasing the volume, finding your friends, and even adjusting the text size. Huh.

Example Siri command that works:

6. Hang up call?

Whenever you’re on a phone or FaceTime call and you’re busy doing something else, you can ask Siri to “hang up” the call, and it will. This only works on iOS 16 and later for iPhone 11 and newer models. it also works on iphone Xs, Xs max, and XRBut only when using AirPods or Siri-enabled Beats headphones.

Unlike the other Siri commands on this list, you need to enable Call Hangup before it will work. You can go to Settings -> Siri & Search -> Call Hang Up or Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Call Hangup to toggle off the switch. Voice input is processed on the device itself, so you don’t need to worry about Apple eavesdropping on your conversations.

Example Siri command that works:

7. Toggle or Adjust Settings

Siri can turn a number of settings on and off for you on your iPhone, as well as adjust some options, and keyword triggers vary based on preference.

Some of the settings it works with include Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Brightness, Cellular Data, Dark Mode, Flashlight, Focus (such as Do Not Disturb, Driving, Gaming, and Mindfulness), Low Power Mode, Night Shift, Smart Invert, VoiceOver . voice control, and Wi-Fi.

Example Siri command that works:

  • “Enable Airplane Mode”
  • “Turn on gaming focus”
  • “toggle dark mode”
  • “brighten up”
  • “Activate flashlight”
  • “invert colors”

8. Calculate math

You can quickly open the Calculator app from Control Center whenever you need to solve a math problem. Still, sometimes Siri is faster.

Siri was able to solve complex math problems, but recent updates reduced Siri’s math capabilities (even though Spotlight can still solve them). But you can still use Siri for many math problems, such as counting tips, dividing bills, finding the cube root of a number, seeing how heavy a stone is, converting currency, multiplying long numbers, and more. do and divide, etc.

Example Siri command that works:

  • “E divided by one”
  • “How many pounds in a stone?”
  • “cube root of 569”

9. Replay video with subtitles

If you miss a line during a movie or TV show on Apple TV, you can ask Siri “What did they say?” To rewind 15 seconds and to turn on subtitles during those 15 seconds. It seems to only work in the TV app. When asking Siri on Netflix, Starz, and other streaming video services, you’re likely to get a “Subtitles are unavailable” error even though subtitles are available.

Example Siri command that works:

  • “what did they say?”
  • “What did he say?”
  • “What did he say?”

10. Find Time Elsewhere

You can program the Clock app to show you the time in other cities or countries via the World tab, but it’s not a very convenient way to find the time elsewhere when you need to know it quickly. Instead, ask Siri “What time is it?” [Location],

Example Siri command that works:

  • “What time is it [City Name],

11. Add Stops During Navigation

In iOS 16 and later, you can ask Siri to “add a stop” during navigation. It will then ask you where you want to go, and you can answer with your desired stop. If there is more than one result, Siri will show a list where you can select the one you like. That location will open in the Maps app, where you can tap “Add Stop” to get directions to that location before your final destination.

Example Siri command that works:

  • “add a stop”
  • add a stop [Location’s Name],

12. Add Items to Your Shopping List

Instead of typing out your shopping list item by item, ask Siri to add everything you thought of to your list. If you already have a list named Shopping List in Reminders, Siri will add the item to it. Otherwise, Siri will ask if you want to create one, which will be saved to your iCloud account. (You can also use Siri to add items to other lists in Reminders.)

Example Siri command that works:

  • “Add milk to my shopping list”
  • add ” [item] To [list’s name],

13. Play News

If you don’t have time to read the news, ask Siri to “play the news” to get a rundown of the most important recent events. Siri will play an audio report from your default news source through the Podcasts app. If you don’t like your defaults, you can say, “Change [News Source Name],” and Siri will use it from now on. You can also hear a different approach by saying “Play news from [News Source Name]In the US, Apple News, CNN, Fox News, and NPR are all supported.

Example Siri command that works:

  • “play news”
  • play news from [News Source Name],
  • “change into [News Source Name],

14. Find Specific Emails

If you need to quickly find email from a specific contact or related to a particular topic, you can ask Siri to find it. You can only search by contact and subject line, so you can’t search email bodies with Siri yet.

Example Siri command that works:

  • “Receive email from [Contact],
  • Find email about [subject],
  • “Get [subject] E-mail”

15. Watch the Trailer

When you want someone to watch or show a movie or TV series trailer, just ask Siri to play it. If it finds a match, it will play it immediately in the TV app. Otherwise, it will ask you to choose from multiple results. If it can’t locate any, it will say there are no trailers available.

Example Siri command that works:

  • ,[Title] trailer”
  • trailer for [Title],
  • play the trailer for [Title],
  • “play [Title” trailer”

16. Share Things

Using the share sheet to send an article, TV show, or another item can be a lengthy process if the person is not in the contact suggestions row. You can skip all the work and ask Siri to share something for you. For example, when viewing an article online or in the News app, say “share this with [Contact]If there’s nothing Siri can send a direct link to, it’ll take and send a screenshot instead. Either way, you’ll need to confirm sending it.

Example Siri command that works:

  • “share this [Contact],
  • “share with [Contact],
  • “shared [Contact],

17. Call emergency services

If you’re not a fan of hardware button triggers for contacting emergency services, you can ask Siri to contact them instead. Just say “call 911” or ask to contact any emergency service.

Example Siri command that works:

18. Find Your Baggage

If you can’t find one of your Apple products, you can use Siri instead of opening the Find My app to help you locate the missing device. Just say “Find my [device],” and if it’s nearby and online, it will start playing the sound. If it’s not online, the sound will play the next time the device is online. This works on any device that supports Find My does.

Example Siri command that works:

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