9 great games for your PlayStation from 2022

If you just bought a PlayStation 5, there are tons of great games out there for you to play on that console. Since its release in late 2020, dozens of must-play games have emerged, including several console-exclusive games you won’t be able to play anywhere else.

If you don’t have the money to spend on a PS5, don’t worry. Due to the continuing difficulty of finding PS5s in stock, Sony has released PS4 versions of some of its biggest 2022 titles, including god of war ragnorok, gran turismo 7And horizon forbidden west, However, that trend may be coming to an end eventually, with Sony focusing more of its attention on newer, more powerful consoles.

I suggest checking out our 2020 and 2021 lists of games to play on PlayStation if you need some additional recommendations. As listed below, these are the best PlayStation games to play in 2022.


The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s latest, most powerful console ever. When connected to a high refresh rate display, it can run some games at 4K at up to 120Hz.

Screenshot of a character fighting a beast from the game Elden Ring.

elden ring
image: from software

Costing $59.99, no other game on this list comes close to offering as much replay value for the price elden ring, This is the latest game from the makers of FromSoftware, dark Souls And BloodborneAnd it features more of that company’s signature difficult-yet-rewarding gameplay, but it’s set in a vast open-world environment that encourages exploration and experimentation.

elden ring Not the best option for beginners unless you are committed to honing your skills. Even the early enemies waste no time in putting you in your place, but it’s never unfair. If you are a fan of the developers previous games which many of us are ledge we have a feeling you’ll find your groove quickly elden ring,


latest release from Bloodborne And seek Developer FromSoftware, elden ring In its most basic form, it’s an attempt to mix the studio’s typical action-RPG formula with a detailed open world. think of it as dark Souls meets the breath of the wildAnd you’re close.

A red Nissan sportscar enters a city tunnel.

gran turismo 7
Image: Sony

If you’re a lover of automobiles – and jazz – this is the game to get. gran turismo 7 The car racing simulator has its latest iteration, and it lets you get even more nuanced with your car obsession than ever before. The game quickly gives you the tools to visualize the cars however you like, and the game stands out with its story mode that takes in the past, present, and future of classic car models presented by the people who built them. were responsible for. And as I mentioned before, it jazzes up your gameplay.

on the side, gran turismo 7 All the features you would expect from a modern racing game including online play, a photo mode and a wide range of customization for each car model. The game is relaxing to play, allowing you to just focus on your position in the race instead of tackling the myriad objectives that most games ask of you.


Polyphony Digital’s latest in the long-running “Real Driving Simulator” series, gran turismo 7, There is a celebration of cars with extensive campaign mode and photo mode.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Developer Naughty Dog remastered two of its PS4s unresolved The title, for PS5, brings improved graphics, faster loading times and some impressive haptic feedback on the DualSense controller. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Involved Tekken 4: A Thief’s End And Uncharted: The Lost LegacyThe former serves mainly the latest (and potentially, the last) unresolved Synopsis. the lost legacy is a short adventure that focuses on side characters in a new setting and is equally engrossing.

if you enjoy Indiana Jones-style tomb raiding, puzzle solving, butt-kicking, and characters full of quips, this collection is a purchase you won’t regret. This collection is available on PS5 and PC.


remastering and re-release of both Unknown: A Thief’s End And Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for PS5.

neon white The perfect game for those who enjoy first-person shooters as well as racing through levels in the least amount of time possible. The game has great visuals and a fun soundtrack, but the highlight is the fast, responsive gameplay that encourages replays to beat the time trial records set by your friends online.

neon white Filled with dozens of fun-filled levels, each one carefully designed with power-ups and enemies. The real fun with the game comes when you start mastering the layout of each level, which makes you feel like a speed-walking wizard. This title is cheaper than many of the titles on this list, costing $24.99. It is available for PS5 and PS4.


In this stylish indie game, you’ll run, jump, and shoot your way to the finish line of dozens of carefully crafted levels. Then, you’ll play them again to beat your previous best times (and your friends’ best results).

A female warrior gazes at a figure in the distance in the garden.

horizon forbidden west
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

sequel to horizon zero dawn Coming to PS5 and PS4 in early 2022, expanding the original action-adventure game with an even bigger world and story. Like any sequel, you should play the first game first to fully understand the stakes. However, this new game offers a complete recap of the first entry if you just want to start with the sequel. since then no one can blame you forbidden west Offers more quality-of-life gameplay tweaks, as well as more graphical eye candy with its realistic characters and environments. Just to note, this game is a single-player experience, and has no multiplayer component.


Latest installment of Guerrilla Games Horizon series, horizon forbidden west, This puts you back in control of Aloy to traverse a vast open world filled with machine beasts and endless quests.

Two people walk along a forest path with their backs to it.

The Last of Us Part I
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

last of us has become a multimedia property, expanding from video games to its own HBO TV show, due out in early 2023. They’ll likely see the show playing out, Naughty Dog Remastered to prime audiences for the survival-horror drama last of us for PS5. The game originally launched for PS3 in 2013 (it was remastered for PS4 a year later).

The Last of Us Part IAs it’s called, is available on PS5 and is coming to PC in 2023. It’s a gritty and violent game, told from the points of view of Joel and Ellie as they attempt to claw their way through a zombie-like apocalypse with their hopes up. Finding a cure to save humanity.

As expected, it greatly improved the graphics and gameplay so that it looks and feels the same The Last of Us Part IIWhich was released in 2020. With this remaster, it should feel more comfortable to play those games back-to-back to soak in the entire story.


Sony and Naughty Dog gave last of us A fresh coat of paint to make it look, sound and more like it The Last of Us Part II, If you missed the 2013 hit, you might want to watch it before the HBO show launches in 2023.

Screenshot of God of War Ragnarok showing Kratos gently touching his son Atreus' face in comfort

god of war ragnarok
Image: Santa Monica Studio

god of war ragnorok There is another sequel on this list that is worth playing. it follows 2018 God of war title, taking place right after the final scene of that game (it provides a recap, but you should search for a YouTube summary, as the recap isn’t comprehensive).

while of ragnorok While the third-person action gameplay feels similar to its predecessor, its story is far more ambitious. As Kratos seeks to bury his past, he tries to convince his young son Atreus not to follow a tempting path in order to discover his godhood and defy prophecy. Of course, things don’t go according to plan, but that’s what makes this game so much fun. God of war ragnorok Available on PS4 and PS5.


while of ragnorok While the third-person action gameplay feels similar to its predecessor, its story is far more ambitious. As Kratos seeks to bury his past, he tries to convince his young son Atreus not to follow a tempting path in order to discover his godhood and defy prophecy.

In the game Tramp, a cat runs from one-eyed aliens in a watery cave.

Image: Annapurna Interactive

While most of the games on this list put you in control of an avenging humanoid lostYou’re just a cat. For cat lovers, that alone might make it worth playing. There is also a dedicated “meow” button. But beneath the charm lies a great game lost, It’s a puzzle-based stealth game where you have to look for solutions like a cat and run for your life from the ever-devouring Zerk species. During the roughly seven-hour journey, you’ll befriend other cats and an equally cute robot, who will assist you with puzzles and eventually help you translate your cat’s chatter. lost Available for PS4 and PS5.


under the charm is a great game lost, It’s a puzzle-based stealth game where you have to look for solutions like a cat and run for your life from the ever-devouring Zerk species.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

A man dressed in armor is confronted by a giant horned demon.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Image: CD Projekt Red

While the game didn’t release in 2022, its big, free next-gen patch did. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Now on PS5 offers ray-traced graphics, faster loading times and other refinements, making this the best time to jump in. CD Projekt Red originally launched this game on PS4 in 2015, and it was a miraculous feat at the time – and still is. It’s one of the few open-world RPGs with a huge map completely worth exploring and fun, memorable missions to keep you entertained for dozens of hours.

if you’re deciding between The Witcher III: Wild Hunt or CD Projekt Red’s new, flashier game cyberpunk 2077, I highly suggest checking out the former first. It’s a more polished and fun feel front-to-back.


CD Projekt Red recently debuted its next-gen patch for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, which overhauls the in-game graphics, shortens loading times, and adds some quality-of-life improvements.

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