Afterimage launches on April 25, 2023

hand drawn 2d metroidvania afterimage will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam on April 25, 2023, publisher Modus Games nd developer Aurogon Shanghai announced.

Here’s an overview of the game via Modus Games:

About this

afterimage is a hand-drawn 2D action adventure that emphasizes fast-paced combat with diverse character creation, non-linear levels, and an engrossing story set in the ruins of a fantasy world. Years after a cataclysm called “The Raging” nearly resulted in the end of human civilization, an amnesiac girl named Renee awakens among the ruins of the capital city. Desperate to regain her lost memories, she embarks on a journey to rescue her master, inexplicably setting in motion a chain of events that will determine the fate of the new world.

key features

  • Explore a non linear world – Unearth the secrets buried deep within the ruins of the vast interconnected world of Engardin. Interact with over 50 different NPCs, each with their own story and objective. Learn more about his role in Engardin through side quests!
  • Fight against over 170 types of enemiesIncluding 30 tough boss battles.
  • Deep RPG mechanics allow for varied character creation – Over 200 different equipment to choose from and include six classes of main weapons, sub weapons, armor and accessories. Invest talent points in a variety of stat upgrades and unique weapon skills for each class of weapon.
  • determine the fate of the world – Discover multiple endings based on RenĂ©e’s actions that will shape the future of Engardin.
  • stunning 2D art style Hand-crafted frame-by-frame with animations.
  • Discover new abilities and new afterimages which provide unique advantages in your exploration and combat. Use these skills to access new areas, shortcuts, and master the battle to defeat more difficult enemy encounters!
  • over 40 original orchestral tracks Composed by the Oregon Sound Team and recorded entirely by the International Master Philharmonic Orchestra and various other musicians.

Watch a new trailer below.

release date trailer

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