Alienware’s gaming controller prototype is what Microsoft should have made ages ago

I see a future for ubiquitous gaming and it probably starts with the Nyx controller, an Alienware project. The gaming PC maker gave me an early glimpse of the device, which is more of a concept than a product, just ahead of CES 2023, where it’s being officially unveiled. Simply put, this controller could affect the future of PCs and even gaming for years to come.

To understand why Alienware (a part of Dell), is messing around with gaming peripherals, you need to know a little about the Concept NYX, Alienware’s experimental platform for gaming around the home. To support this, Dell is working on hardware and software concepts that, for example, let you take PC gaming from your desktop and laptop to the biggest screen in your home: your TV.

Alienware Project NYX Game Controller Bottom

(Image credit: Future)

Playing PC games on your TV has never been easier. Most gaming computers aren’t connected to family room TVs (unlike most consoles, which are), and it’s a test to get your gaming laptop working with the best 4K TV.

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