Apple Watch Infringes on Massimo’s Pulse Oximetry Patent, US Judge Rules

An International Trade Commission (ITC) judge ruled on Tuesday that Apple infringed on one of medical technology company Massimo’s pulse oximeter patents when it launched an Apple Watch model that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. Uses light sensor.

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Massimo, which designs pulse oximetry devices, is embroiled in an ongoing battle with Apple over multiple health capabilities found in some Apple Watch models, and Massimo is pushing to ban the models in the United States .

Medical grade pulse oximetry devices are what Masimo specializes in, and pulse oximetry is a feature that Apple added to the Apple Watch with the Series 6 models. The feature, found on the Series 6 and later Apple Watch models, uses light to detect the amount of oxygen in the blood, with the addition of heart rate monitoring and ECG capabilities.

In June 2021, Massimo filed a patent infringement lawsuit with ITC, asking it to stop imports of the Apple Watch Series 6 due to patent infringement related to blood oxygen monitoring.

In Tuesday’s ruling, the judge concluded that the four other patents at issue were not infringed. ITC will now consider whether to impose import restrictions on Apple Watch models with blood oxygen monitoring feature, according to the medical device maker.

“We respectfully disagree with today’s decision, and look forward to a full review by the Commission,” Apple said in a statement. reuters,

Massimo initially sued Apple in January 2020, accusing the company of stealing trade secrets and unfairly using Massimo’s inventions. In a previous filing, Masimo claimed that Apple secretly poached Masimo employees and used patented Masimo technology when developing the sensors used in the Apple Watch.

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