Aubrey Plaza recalls NBC page roots in ‘SNL’ monologue with surprise call from Joe Biden and Amy Poehler – Deadline

Aubrey Plaza Takes Over Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Center as Host Saturday night Live and relived his past as an NBC studio page and met some familiar faces.

During her monologue, Plaza told the audience that she was from Delaware and that President Joe Biden was “really the most famous person elected”.

“It’s a fact and he was angry, he was furious,” she said.

Plaza said Biden sent her a video in which he says, “Aubrey, you are the most famous person from Delaware and there’s no question about it. We’re grateful you made it.” white Lotus alive.”

The actor then recalled being a page in 30 Rock during his college years, saying, “I worked with the set design team here. snl — the people who make all these amazing sets for the show — and I have to tell you, they win Emmys, they win Tonys, they’re some of the sickest perverts I’ve ever met, and I’m a freak.”

Plaza remembered that she would also tour the NBC studios as a page, and proceeded to tour Studio 8H. Two pages came on stage and gave Plaza his blazer, saying that he would “host snl Someday” then adding, “Yeah, well.”

As she toured the studio, Plaza misrepresented facts about the facility that the studio was built in 1599 by William Shakespeare. At one point she bumped into Kenan Thompson who asked her for his Starbucks order which he had ordered back in 2004.

Plaza then made fun of tourists who would ask her if they would see any celebrities during the tour and bumped into her when she was walking to the set design department. parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehler. The audience went berserk and both the stars hugged each other.

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