Chargers’ Darwin James ejected for illegal hit vs. Colts’ Ashton Dullin on ‘Monday Night Football’

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The Chargers welcomed back their star safety in the secondary on Monday night in Derwin James after missing two games due to injury. James’ return was short-lived, however, as the veteran defensive back was ejected for going forward with his helmet in the second quarter of the Week 16 matchup with the Colts.

With Los Angeles up 7–0 and just over five and a half minutes left in the first half, James charged at full speed toward Ashton Dullin first. Connecting to the Upper Body of the Colts Wide Receiver – first his shoulder, then his head and neck area, knocking the pass catcher off his feet and onto the turf. In real time, the tackle involved helmet-to-helmet contact. Replays showed that the shoulder made first contact, but Dulin was still ruled a defenseless receiver after trying to secure a short pass from Colts quarterback Nick Foles when James leveled him. Barely turned in the field.

Dulin received medical attention on the sideline before going to the locker room under his own power, gesturing to the Indianapolis crowd with a thumbs up. He was later ruled out due to injury.

Meanwhile, James visits the Chargers’ blue medical tent after being flagged for unnecessary roughness; The officials immediately announced that he too had been disqualified for the hit. The hit, which came two plays after James was penalized for putting a face mask on Michael Pittman Jr., appeared to affect the Chargers’ defense even more than Dulin, at least immediately afterward. James was relatively wobbly and slow to get to his feet, possibly prompting team personnel to evaluate him for injury.

James Quade missed the Chargers’ last two games with an injury. Earlier this week, he was named to his third Pro Bowl.

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