Cliff Kingsbury’s lack of interest in other jobs could jeopardize his buyout

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Some may scoff at the notion that former Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury is planning to live it up in Thailand or wherever on Michael Bidwill’s money while pursuing opportunities to work for another team as offensive coordinator. are also ignoring. Bidwill must have been laughing for a different reason.

The buyout that a coach gets when he is unceremoniously fired usually has a significant string attached to it. Specifically, Coach can’t sit back and collect the cash he would have earned without trying to earn some cash elsewhere. There is an obligation to seek and accept alternative employment.

The last question becomes the wording of the contract. But other coaching contracts include phrases like this: “The coach shall have an affirmative obligation to seek employment following such involuntary termination.”

So maybe Cliff should be a little more discreet when boasting about his plans. It’s one thing for Bidwill to pursue Kingsbury to make sure he’s meeting his obligation to seek other work, to do his best to undercut his purchases by getting hired as a coach elsewhere. doing. If Kingsbury is boasting about the fact that he will be paid millions by Bidwill to do nothing then that is quite another matter.

Which seems to be doing on the basis of yesterday’s report.

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