Dokapon Kingdom: Connect debut trailer, screenshots

Publisher Compile Heart and developer Sting have released the first trailer and screenshots and opened the official website for Dokapon Kingdom: ConnectNewly announced remaster of Party Game released in 2007 Dokapon Empire, It will launch in Japan on April 13 for the Switch with four-player online multiplayer support.

Here’s an overview of the game:


Board Game X RPG. it is Dokapon Kingdom: Connect,

The only condition for victory is to “make more money than anyone else”. Players become the “Hero” and aim to become the “Hero who makes more money than anyone else”.

The rules are simple. Stop, move the spinner and follow the instructions on the spot.

Defeat monsters, get items and treasures, change jobs, loot from strange characters, and even steal your friends’ money. No mercy for friends or family! The naughty fight of whatever begins now!


Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Dokapon where people got nothing more than their money. The sight of its golden glow, the comforting clang of a full wallet, the metallic taste of a freshly minted coin… Everyone loved their cash, and no one loved it more than the king.

One day, monsters appeared out of nowhere and attacked the towns of the Dokapon Kingdom. These demons, for their own mysterious reasons, stole people’s wealth and the people became so poor that they were unable to pay their taxes to the king.

The king, moved by the plight of his people and in tears by their income, called for heroes from far and wide to free his people from the demons. The reward for this dangerous deed is the hand in marriage of the beautiful Princess Penny and the throne of the Dokapon Kingdom!

A journey filled with danger, intrigue, betrayal and cold, hard cash is about to begin!

Watch the trailer below. See screenshots in the gallery.

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