Face the crowd to make the very best of little bowler hats in this PS5 and Xbox Series X game

Of all my worries for 2023, being torn apart by a violent mob angry that they didn’t have access to soap was not at the top of my list. Then Ubisoft went ahead and announced it was bringing strategy game Anno 1800 to consoles, letting you take control of a growing empire, building supply chains and feeding your growing population with luxury goods. . Of course, fail to meet their demands, and your citizens will get awful revolution-y.

Released on PC in 2019, Anno 1800 is a wonderful strategy game that focuses on the construction side of imperialism rather than the more violent, colonial aspects. You start the game as the leader of a small island, rich in resources but lacking in infrastructure. You build houses, farms and markets while attracting new citizens to set up shop and work as you grow your town.

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