Falling behind on New Year’s health resolutions? Your Apple Watch, iPhone Can Help

The Apple Watch and your iPhone are a great combo to help you with your fitness goals. How here

Did you step into the new year with a resolution to achieve a super fitness regime but have been unable to stick to it? Don’t worry, because there is a way to do this if you have an Apple Watch on your wrist. Aside from having a fancy watch face and display of your wealth status, the Apple Watch is a great way to get started on those New Year’s fitness goals. You just need to find what works for you and master the fitness tracking functions on the Apple Watch.

It doesn’t matter which model of Apple Watch you have. Whether it is the simple Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen, or the maxed out Apple Watch Ultra, these are the things you need to know. ,


With the Workout app, you get all your favorite ways to exercise along with more advanced metrics. Apple Watch shows your daily movement in the form of three simple metrics: Move, Exercise, and Stand. Together, they make up the activity rings that track your progress throughout the day. The goal is to close your rings each day. You can also get information about cardio fitness using VO2 Max.


The Mindfulness app for the Apple Watch has two experiences that help pause and take a moment in the day: Breathe and Reflect. Anyone can find podcasts that help them relax, cultivate calmness, and support restful sleep on Apple Podcasts.

fitness with squad

Turning on Activity Sharing lets your friends or family keep you on track toward your fitness goals with your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can even challenge them with a one-on-one seven-day activity contest.

sleep tracking

With iPhone and Apple Watch, you can monitor your sleep goals with Bedtime Routines. Set the number of hours you want to sleep and when you want to go to bed/wake up. At your set bedtime, your devices automatically turn on Sleep Focus to reduce distractions. You can also wear your Apple Watch to sleep, which helps monitor each stage of sleep—REM, core, and deep—as well as the time you spend awake.

Tips for fitness enthusiasts

We also spoke to fitness coach Urmi Kothari who shared some tricks to make fitness monitoring easy. “A common mistake people make is to focus their health and wellness only around “workouts,” while neglecting nutrition and sleep patterns. The number one piece of advice for people looking to focus on their health is The key is to hire a good coach who can guide you on how to integrate goals into your life. The more your goals are integrated into your lifestyle, the more fun it becomes.”

“The trick to finding enjoyment is to balance the level of challenge, getting live feedback which a coach is excellent for, and also giving you clarity on your path so you don’t waste time over-thinking. I personally recommend Apple.” Watch Series 8 which is my personal health and fitness guardian as it helps me regularly monitor my heart health and activity trends.”

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