Fire Emblem Engage’s difficulty cracked my brain open like an egg

My army marches through an over-the-top anime castle. In the shadow of its sandstone walls, the forces of good make their stand against the machinations of the evil Fel Dragon. Our mission is simple: protect the gate. I’ve got Permadeath enabled, so every move counts in this turn-based tactical RPG. I agonize over every decision, trying to predict my enemies’ moves. My Pegasus Rider stays away from enemy archers lest he be shot. Wander, my tough-as-nails Great Knight, holds the vanguard while my archers and mages take refuge behind a line of unbreakable steel.

Despite my solid formation, the enemy is clever and maneuvers to edge me. I fully delve into Fire Emblem: Engage’s elegant combat system and customize it as best I can. My slow, steady and strategic approach works as we take down the enemy leader, finally completing the mission. However, at this point, I realized that something was not quite right. I watch from my Nintendo Switch. It’s 1 o’clock.

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