Former Halo Infinite dev criticizes management over layoffs

Master Chief is waiting for his severance package.

image, 343 Industries / Microsoft

Of all the Microsoft teams caught in the blast Mass layoffs announced yesterdayit’s possible Hello Anant Maker 343 Industries was the most affected. The studio has since faced a wave of departures. hello infinitemultiplayer conflicts, and the new cuts have drawn severe criticism from those who managed it into this mess in the first place.

“There should not have been layoffs at 343 and Hello Anant should be in better shape,” former Hello Anant multiplayer designer, Patrick Wren, Tweeted Wednesday night. “Both of those things cause incompetent leadership at the top Hello Anant Development is putting a huge strain on those working hard to make Halo the best it can be.

It’s no secret at this point that Hello Anant faced a continuous development cycle rotating cast of directors To long delay After the gameplay was revealed it was pilloried online for its rough looking graphics. There are also former studio leads Indicated in the period of the first crunch on the project, while a Bloomberg report good The developers’ detailed struggles with the game’s engine and problems with Microsoft’s reliance on contract workers who were constantly pulled out of the studio instead of full-time employees. “The contract stuff is a whole other can of worms that bugs me,” Wren tweeted last night. “So many wonderful people and talents who disappeared.”

It’s extremely rare for game developers to openly talk about problems they’ve seen on past projects, let alone openly share their opinions about how a team or studio was managed. Wren, who recently left 343 Industries Hello AnantLaunching in 2021, he praised his former colleagues and his efforts to deliver on the full promise of the game’s multiplayer.

“The people I worked with every day were passionate halo And wanted to create something great for the fans,” he tweeted. “O helped push for better halo And closed for this. Dev is still working hard on that dream. See forge. Be kind to them during this terrible time.

The harsh criticism came after Microsoft announced it would cut up to 10,000 jobs across the tech giant’s operations, including gaming, despite reporting it.record resultLast year, including $83 billion in operating income. the night before, the company Top officials were reportedly busy sung by sting On a personal Concert in the Swiss Alps.

meanwhile, as reports from Kotaku And others put in that Xbox Studios, which was mired in layoffs from Alliance to Bethesda, became clear as the day progressed that 343 Industries would face particularly brutal cuts as many developers having had Hello AnantMany, including some very senior people, shared the news on social media that they were affected.

Even before tomorrow’s layoffs, 343 industries are facing wave after wave of high-level departures Hello Anant Struggled to ship new seasonal updates and features on time. Most notable was the departure of studio head Bonnie Ross. last September, Recently, multiplayer director and long halo seasoned tom french revealed He was leaving in December. And tomorrow, amidst the chaos, Bloomberg Reported That director and longtime Halo writer, Joseph Staton, headed over to the Xbox publishing side of the business as the studio made “the difficult decision to restructure”.

Even more unfortunate, this latest setback for the studio comes on the heels of a rare bright spot. Hello AnantPost-launch live service campaign: forge creator mode, After Split-Screen Coop Was Cancelled, Many Fans See It As An Opportunity save game By allowing players to create their own maps and modes. and so they have creations inspired by everything from The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim To pokemon, this is some of the most positive Hello Anant But just like players have felt since launch, the future of the game is once again uncertain.

When Halo Infinite was first revealed in 2020, 343 Industries studio head Chris Lee described it as “beginning of the next 10 years halo, After a few months, he left to join Amazon.

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