Going home: Bills Hamlin released from Buffalo hospital

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) – The “prayers for Damar 3” have been answered. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is finally home.

Nine days after he went into cardiac arrest and was revived on the field in Cincinnati and put the NFL on hold, Hamlin was released from a Buffalo hospital on Wednesday, the Bills announced.

“We have completed a series of tests and evaluations and, in consultation with team physicians, we are confident that Dummer can be safely discharged,” Dr. Jamie Nadler said in a news release issued by the team.

It’s the next big step in what doctors say is Hamlin’s remarkable recovery, which came just two days after he was deemed healthy enough to be transferred from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center to Buffalo General Medical Center., Nadler said the 24-year-old Hamlin will continue his rehabilitation with the Bills.

Biles and Nadler did not disclose the results of tests Hamlin underwent over the past two days in Buffalo to determine whether his heart had stopped. He was then hit squarely in the chest by Bengals receiver Tee Higgins while making what appeared to be a routine tackle. Hamlin collapsed during the first quarter of the game’s since-cancelled game at Cincinnati on January 2 at Cincinnati, a horrifying scene that played out on television in front of millions.

Deion Dawkins said, “It shows what kind of kid he is, how he fights and continues to win.” “There’s no place he’d rather be on his bed, so bless him.”

As Hamlin’s recovery progressed, the Bills and the NFL’s messaging changed from “pray for Damar 3” to “love for Damar 3” until last weekend, when the entire league honored Hamlin wearing the number 3. The Bills and their fans capped an emotionally dry week with a 35–23 regular-season-finale win over New England.,

“It’s a great feeling. And we’re just hoping he gets rest and recovery,” quarterback Josh Allen said after practice on Wednesday, where the Bills (13-3) played at their division rival Miami Dolphins (9). -8) in the wild-card playoffs. game on sunday. “As a team, we are extremely happy.”

As much as players want to see Hamlin in person, Allen cautioned that the moment may have to wait to allow Hamlin to regain his strength.

Allen said, “Just making sure he’s taking it slow, and obviously trying to get himself back.” “So we’ll take whatever time we need to. But I hope he knows that people are ready to watch him.

Coach Sean McDermott said it would be up to Hamlin to decide when the team would visit, adding: “We will welcome him back as he feels ready.”

Hamlin spent his first two days in the hospital under sedation and showed no signs of neurological damage when he awoke on January 4. By Friday, he was breathing and walking on his own and appeared by videoconferencing at a team meeting, where he briefed the Bills. , “Love You Boys.”

On Sunday, as Hamlin was live-tweeting during a Bills victory, doctors joked that he tripped several alarms around the intensive care unit, while teammate Niemin Hines returned the opening kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown.

Following his transfer to Buffalo, Hamlin follow on twitter He read: “Special thanks to Buffalo General, it’s been nothing but love since arrival!” Asking his followers to keep him in their prayers.

His doctors said that Hamlin’s progress in recovering from cardiac arrest, which is believed to be a life-threatening event, has been faster than normal.

In the days that followed, $8.6 million in GoFundMe donations poured into Hamlin’s toy drive fundraiser.Which will be used to support youth through education and sport.

Hamlin, who is from the Pittsburgh outskirts of McKee Rock, asked “Did we win?” with her hands in the shape of a heart to raise money for the Trauma Center in Cincinnati, which initially treated her.


Associated Press reporter Carolyn Thompson in Buffalo contributed to this report.


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