Honkai: Star Rail Final Closed Beta Test Begins February 10th

miHoYo Will Begin Final Closed Beta Tests For Turn-Based Science-Fiction RPG Honkai: Star Rail out February 10 on PC, iOS and Android, the developer announced. Sign-ups are now available on the official website of the game.

Here’s an overview of the game and final closed beta testing via miHoYo:

Honkai: Star Rail is a brand new space fantasy rpg title, featuring travel across vast unexplored worlds. The game features an intuitive turn-based combat system, large maps with labyrinthine exploration, puzzle-solving gameplay, and immersive storyline that together compose an interstellar melody full of wonder and rewarding experiences echoing throughout the universe!

in this universe, there are [Aeons], incarnations of universal principles who are able to travel freely between infinite worlds using some sort of primordial power. The galaxy is full of diverse worlds with unique landscapes and stories; [Aeons] Wandering in the universe, they maintain their own beliefs. hero, who was implanted with a [Stellaron]embarks on a journey on the Astral Express with a group of passengers who claim to have inherited the spirit [the Trailblaze], together they will walk the way [Aeons] To find out the scope of the universe.

In the final closed beta, players will be able to experience the origins of the story in the Herta space station, and then head out to the galaxy by exploring Jarilo-VI and Jianzhou Luofu, two key sites with distinctive culture and scenery: Jarilo-VI, An ice-cold planet, beneath its ice cap lie myriad mysteries and dangers that await further investigation. The Jianzhou Luofu, unveiled for the first time, is a massive dreadnought belonging to the Jianzhou Alliance, one of the most powerful and influential factions in the universe. As the second stop on the trailblazer’s grand journey, with its bustling cityscape and spectacular architecture, Jianzhou Luofu foretells an upcoming campaign influenced by Eastern fantasy, where tensions arise between different groups!

In addition to roaming the world, uncovering secrets and building relationships with characters, trailblazers can also form their own four-person combat team from a wide range of playable characters, among whom Bailu, Yanqing, Qingq and Tingyun make their debut . Through the exciting strategy turn-based battle system, players can hone their unique combat skills to address a variety of opponents. Also, see Final Closed Beta Honkai: Star Rail Implement new gameplay features such as Co-op Mode, Companion Missions, Photo Capturing, and more.

A full FAQ on the last closed beta test is available here.

Watch a new trailer below. Check out a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Final Closed Beta Trailer: Space Comedy




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