How Steam Deck breathes life into underrated old games

I am obsessed with my Steam Deck. I received Valve’s handheld gaming computer in May of this year, and it quickly became my favorite console of all time. After a period of severe media burnout, it’s made me fall in love with games all over again, and I’ve finished more games in the past six months than in years past. As you might expect, the rest of my console has been gathering dust ever since.

To tell you how deep the rabbit hole goes, even when it comes to watching a particular PlayStation or Xbox game, I’ve been using remote play services like Cheeky and Greenlight so that I can play them. play on my steam deck. God of War: Ragnarok sings on the big screen, sure, but what if you could play it from the comfort of your bed, compromise-free? In a world obsessed with the attention-economy, it’s a gambler I’m interested in.

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