How to Travel to Top Destinations in Singapore Using Apple Pay, Apple Wallet & Zero Cash

Using Apple Pay in Singapore is safe and convenient.

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As travel restrictions ease, many people are booking flights to destinations such as tech-forward Singapore. Here’s how to visit Singapore’s top sights without spending a single physical coin.

On a recent trip to Singapore, both my husband and I were able to go sightseeing in Singapore without carrying any cash. We used Apple Pay to do things like buy hawker street food and ride the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) system.

There are many benefits of traveling cashless, such as eliminating the worry of pick pocketing or losing cash. As a bonus, you can skip shady currency exchange places.

prepare before your trip

Before your flight to Singapore, be sure to load up your Apple Wallet with the cards you want to use.

Set up your Apple Wallet before your trip

Set up your Apple Wallet before your trip

Singapore’s MRT accepts cards including MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards and NETS contactless ATM cards. Check SimpliGo, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, for the latest accepted card payment list.

If you choose to buy a rechargeable EZ-Link card to ride the MRT, add it to your Apple Wallet before your trip.

You can use any of the above cards for contactless payments by tapping the card at the train station, but loading them onto your Apple Wallet before your journey will save you having to carry a physical card around town .

Before using Apple Pay abroad, confirm with your bank about any potential fees they may charge.

If possible, use a card with zero foreign transaction fees when adding the card to your Apple Wallet or Apple Pay. It’s even better if it’s a card that gives you extra points for travel and dining transactions, as well as offering travel insurance.

Apple Pay for Transportation

Singapore’s MRT system is designed to handle cashless payments with the tap of a card. However, having your card preloaded on your Apple Watch or iPhone makes it easier because it’s one less thing to worry about.

Using Apple Pay for Singapore's MRT

Using Apple Pay for Singapore’s MRT

Before entering a train platform, simply scan your Apple Watch or iPhone with Apple Wallet enabled. Once the card payment is verified, you are good to go.

Besides the MRT, a popular way to get around in Singapore is Grab or Gojek, on-demand taxi services like Uber or Lyft in the States.

To use this transportation option, simply enter your card information into the Grab or Gojek app. Your card will be deducted for the cost of the taxi ride, and once again you can do all this without using any physical cash.

Apple Pay for top attractions

Many top attractions in Singapore accept Apple Pay. Before you go, research the specific destinations you want to visit and look at their accepted payments.

Apple Pay is available at multiple locations in Singapore

Apple Pay is available at multiple locations in Singapore

Here’s Apple’s list of currently participating banks and card issuers in Singapore.

  • American Express (Bank-issued American Express cards are not supported.)
  • Citibank (MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards, Mastercard Debit Card)
  • DBS (MasterCard and Visa Credit and Debit cards)
  • HSBC (MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards, Visa Debit Cards)
  • Maybank (MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards)
  • OCBC (MasterCard and Visa Credit and Debit Cards)
  • POSB (MasterCard Credit and Debit Card)
  • Singtel (Visa Prepaid Card)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards, Visa Credit Cards)
  • United Overseas Bank (MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards)
  • wise

Apple Pay for Singapore street food

Visitors will be pleasantly surprised to learn that even casual food vendors accept Apple Pay. For example, we used an Apple Watch to buy curry, naan, clay pot rice and iced milo from three different vendors at the Marina Bay Sands food court.

Using Apple Pay at a food court in Singapore

Using Apple Pay at Marina Bay Sands Food Court.

You can use Apple Pay at places like BreadTalk, a popular bakery chain, or Uniqlo, your favorite clothing brand. When ordering at the food court, each stall will have its own payment options, so double check before placing your order.

Using Apple Pay in Singapore

Look for the Apple Pay logo on the card terminal, at the cashier, or ask the seller if they accept Apple Pay. These vendors are comfortable with tourists and are happy to confirm payment options.

This was our experience in Singapore, but your mileage may vary in other countries.

We loved using Apple Pay when exploring the top sights of Singapore. We didn’t have to hunt down currency exchange stalls or mess around with foreign currency, and we recommend going cashless when in Singapore.

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