How to use ‘Copy and Delete’ on iPhone

Copy and Delete is a feature with iOS 16 to easily take a screenshot, share it, and delete it from your phone so it doesn’t take up space.

Most iPhone owners take pictures and have amassed a huge library of images. Along with beautiful portrait shots as well as photos out and about, there are potentially throwaway images that should have been removed but weren’t. These could be screenshots taken to send to someone or post somewhere.

With the new copy and delete feature in iOS 16, available for all great iPhones, you can choose to save a screenshot you’ve taken to the clipboard for instant sharing on the go (think iMessage conversation, social media site, or ) e-mail) after which it can be deleted immediately. This is a handy feature for Image File Pack mice, and it’s easy to use once you know how to do it.

1. Go to screen You want to capture and press the right-side button and the left-side Volume Up button at the same time. You’ll hear an analog camera shutter sound and a small copy of the screenshot will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. (Note: You can also take a screenshot using the neat double-back-tap shortcut feature.)

2. Tap screenshot preview thumbnail Within five seconds, a menu button will appear with more additional options. (If you don’t select a thumbnail within that time frame, the screenshot will be auto-saved to your camera roll.)

3. You can then crop or scale Select, mark up, delete, or share text instantly (or once you’re done editing, if necessary) via screenshots, active iMessage conversations, social media, AirDrop, and other sources.

4. Select done,

5. Select copy and delete From the pop-up to delete the screenshot. This will blow the screen to the left forever off your device and off its storage.

This is a great feature for those who take screenshots of things like Instagram posts, conversations, inspirational sayings, flight details, QR codes and passes etc. Capture the shot, send it to the person or place it needs to go, then delete it so it’s not taking up valuable space on the device. Considering iPhones, like the new iPhone 14, don’t offer expandable onboard storage, you need to save the space you have. And filling it with meaningless screenshots that you no longer need is pointless. After accumulating for months, even years, it becomes a laborious task to try to manually remove each one of them one by one and then locate them. (Pro tip: You can also type “screenshot” into the search bar in your photo album to quickly find all screenshots.)

The copy and delete feature is great for screenshots because it encourages you to quickly send the image and then delete it from your phone. Guess you can get into the habit of taking a screen-shot and sending the image right away via the Edit menu. In that case, you may find that you get the annoying “Storage Full” notification on your phone after long periods of time.

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