While the crash detection and Emergency SOS in the iPhone 14 are making headlines for helping accident victims via satellite features, simpler and more universal iPhone functions can also be helpful in deadly situations.

find my feature
On Sunday night after Christmas gathering, a woman was involved in a car accident, falling 200 feet off a roadside hill in San Bernardino, California. His iPhone didn’t notify emergency services, probably because he didn’t have an iPhone 14. However, her family noticed that she did not reach home and was not responding, so they traced her location using the Find My feature.

When they saw that the car was at a location along the highway on the map, they contacted emergency services to assist it. The story was relayed by the San Bernardino County Fire Department (via) AppleInsider) in a Facebook post. As it turned out, the woman was seriously injured and spent the night in the vehicle after the accident.

Firefighter-paramedics used advanced life support interventions and a rope system to lift the woman and her rescuers up the hill and back onto the road, after which she was taken to a hospital.

The patient would have remained in his or her crashed vehicle overnight except for family gatherings. Family members grew concerned after he hadn’t spoken with him this morning and used Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature to track his whereabouts. Checking the location of the phone, he found the vehicle on the side and called 911.

Unlike crash detection and emergency SOS via satellite, is almost universally available on iPhones. In this case, the woman was sharing her location with her family, which helped them locate her. Such a rescue would not have been possible if he had not enabled the ‘Find My’ sharing features.

Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup is better suited for receiving help in severe emergencies as the crash detection feature is able to automatically contact rescue services in the event of an accident, and Emergency SOS via satellite can be used in remote locations. where there is no cellular or WiFi signal. Available. Both features have made headlines in recent weeks, with Emergency SOS via satellite being responsible for the rescue of an Alaskan man who was stranded in the wilderness and Crash Detection being able to help two victims who were trapped in a remote canyon. had fallen

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