Jeremy Renner’s snow plow injuries ‘worse than anyone’s’

According to a new report, the injuries suffered by Jeremy Renner’s freak snow plow accident are “worse than anyone thought” and could take up to two years to fully recover.

The Marvel actor suffered serious injuries in a New Year’s Day incident in which he was run over by heavy machinery near his Reno, Nevada home.

Reiner was taken to the hospital for “blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries,” according to a statement from his representative.

He has undergone surgery and is in the hospital from where he has shared some selfies and videos.

However, a source close to the “Hawkeye” actor told Radar Online that his condition is worse than what has been publicly revealed.

A 6.5-ton plow ran over Rainer when he helped a stranded motorist, crushing his leg.
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“It’s worse than anyone knows,” the source said. “Jeremy is very aware of the fact that he almost died right there.”

Rainer, 42, was helping a stranded motorist clear snow when his Kasbohrer PistonBulli snow plow began rolling on its own. As he attempted to jump behind the wheel and stop it, the 6.5-ton plow crushed him, crushing his leg.

The Oscar-nominated actor had “extreme difficulty” in breathing and was bleeding profusely from his head. According to 911 logs obtained by TMZ, the right side of his chest collapsed as his upper torso was crushed by the vehicle.

Rainer in the snowplow.
On New Year’s Day of 2023, Rainer was crushed by a snowplow.
Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner getting a head massage.
An insider says Renner’s recovery could take up to two years before he is back to full health.
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“Jeremy suffered such extensive damage to his chest that it had to be surgically reconstructed,” a source told Radar Online.

An insider told the outlet that it could take up to two years for Renner to fully recover.

“So far, he has had two surgeries and will need more surgery on his foot in the coming weeks,” the source said. “Doctors opt out of operations to allow time for the body’s natural healing process to kick in, and that’s the case here.”

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