Merriam-Webster Says, Don’t Worry, Quardle Isn’t Going Behind Paywalls

For all those who take a certain pride in playing Quardle, the five-letter word game known for being four times as difficult as Wordle, your word search has come true. Prestigious dictionary brand Merriam-Webster has bought the popular online puzzler and announced it on Thursday.

Merriam-Webster, which owns Encyclop├Ždia Britannica, quietly cracked the game, which launches in late 2021 shortly after Wordle becomes an online phenomenon.

Quordle and Wordle have a lot in common. Where Wordle asks you to solve a five-letter word puzzle in five guesses, Quordle asks you to solve four five-word puzzles in nine tries at once.

cordal result

A specific Quardle result that you can share without answering. Yes, it’s a lot like Wordle…but harder. (Image credit: Future)

Both present you with a standard virtual keyboard and after you enter a five-letter word guess, the letters appear in all four-word boards. The correct letters in the correct places are green and the correct letters in the wrong places are orange. Yes, just like Wordle.

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