PlayStation 5 accessibility controller kit ‘Project Leonardo’ announced

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Accessibility is an important topic for us at PlayStation, and we want to continue raising the bar to enable every gamer to experience the joy of playing. Whether it’s the strong accessibility options in PlayStation Studio games like Sony Santa Monica god of war ragnarok or naughty dog The Last of Us Part Ior the wide range of features in our PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console UI, we’re passionate about lowering the barriers to play for every gamer.

Today at CES, we announced the next step in our journey to make gaming more accessible: Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5. Developed with major contributions from accessibility experts, community members and game developers, Project Leonardo is our codename for a new highly customizable controller. Kit that works “out of the box” helps players with disabilities play the game more easily, more comfortably, and for longer.

project leonardo

Through conversations with accessibility experts and incredible organizations like AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and Stack Up, we’ve designed a highly configurable controller that works in conjunction with many third-party accessibility accessories to open up new ways of gaming Integrates with the PlayStation 5 console. It is designed to address the common challenges faced by many players with limited motor control, including difficulty holding the controller for long periods of time, accurately pressing small groups of buttons or triggers, or better on a standard controller. The manner involves the position of the thumb and fingers.

Here are some key features:

Highly Customizable Play Experience

hardware optimization, Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5 is a canvas for gamers to craft their own playing experiences. It includes a robust kit of swappable components, including a variety of analog stick caps and buttons in various shapes and sizes.

Players can use these components to create a wide range of control layouts. And the distance from the game pad to the analog stick can be adjusted to suit the player’s preference. These components allow players to find a configuration that works for their strength, range of motion, and particular physical needs.

project leonardo

software optimization, On the PlayStation 5 console players have an array of options to tailor their Project Leonardo play experience:

  • button mapping
    • The controller’s buttons can be programmed for any supported function and multiple buttons can be mapped to the same function. Conversely, players can map two functions (such as “R2” + “L2”) to a single button.
  • control profile
    • Players can store their programmed button settings as control profiles and easily switch between them by pressing the profile button.
    • Up to three control profiles can be stored and accessed by the player from their PlayStation 5 console at any time.

Works in conjunction with other devices and accessibility accessories

Project Leonardo can be used as a standalone controller or paired with additional Project Leonardo or DullSense wireless controllers. Two Project Leonardo controllers and a DualSense wireless controller can be used together as a single virtual controller, allowing players to mix and match devices to meet their particular gameplay needs or play cooperatively with others and matching is allowed.

project leonardo

For example, players can enhance their DualSense controller with a Project Leonardo controller or use two Project Leonardo controllers on their own. A friend or family member can also help control the player’s game character, with a DualSense controller or another Project Leonardo controller. The controllers can be turned on or off dynamically and can be used in any combination.

The Project Leonardo is expandable via four 3.5mm aux ports to support a variety of external switches and third-party accessibility accessories. This enables users to integrate specialized switches, buttons or analog sticks with the Project Leonardo controller. External accessories can be added or disconnected dynamically, and each can be configured to act like any other button.

project leonardo

flexible, adaptable design

Project Leonardo’s split, symmetrical design allows players to turn the analog sticks as close together or as far apart as desired. The controller lays flat and doesn’t require holding, so players can place it on a tabletop or wheelchair tray. It can be easily secured to an AMPS mount* or tripod, and can be oriented 360 degrees for the most comfortable use. Players can also program a “North” orientation on the analog sticks to match their preferred controller orientation.

Sony Interactive Entertainment designer Sou Morimoto shared some insight into how his team approached Project Leonardo’s industrial design:

“Project Leonardo is part of the PlayStation 5 product family and is based on the same design concept. We were inspired by the idea of ​​all players enjoying the world of PlayStation together. Our team tested more than a dozen designs with accessibility experts, looking for approaches that helped address key challenges to effective controller use. We finally settled on a ‘split controller’ design, which allows for near free-form left/right thumbstick repositionability, can be used without repositioning, and features very flexible button and stick cap swapping .

“Because players can customize Project Leonardo to their own needs, there is no one ‘right’ form factor. We want to empower them to create their own configurations. Controller flexibly to create a unique aesthetic. Accessibility Could also accept a combination of accessories. I’m excited that the design will be accomplished in collaboration with the players, rather than being presented to players with a single form factor.

-So Morimoto, Designer, Sony Interactive Entertainment

looking ahead

Project Leonardo is currently in development and we continue to receive valuable feedback from the community. We want to thank all the great organizations and accessibility experts who are supporting us in this effort.

We are also grateful to all those in the community who have advocated for greater gaming access. You are the reason we work and your passion inspires us every day. It is indeed our pleasure to create products that better meet your needs. We look forward to sharing more in the future, including additional product features and launch times.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

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