Rick and Morty descend into a pit of Lovecraftian horror in new comic

Portal-hopping multiversal explorers Rick and Morty have faced some formidable foes in their adventures over the years, but none quite so ferocious as horror legend HP Lovecraft’s amphibious Great Old One, Cthulhu.

Now, Portland-based Oni Press is injecting insane heroes into the unfathomable depths of the cosmic nightmare for the recently released “Rick and Morty vs. Cthulhu.” (opens in new tab)“Written by industry veteran Jim Jubb and filled with psychedelic artwork from illustrator Troy Little and colorist Leonard Ito, this strange four-part odyssey delivers the signature craziness and hilarity we’ve come to expect in the franchise. You can watch” “Rick on Morty” is now on Hulu (opens in new tab),

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