Take Back Your Privacy With This New iPhone Security Feature

Do you know that someone can use your iPhone to track your exact location without your knowledge or permission? Fortunately, Apple now provides a feature called Safety Check for us to find and block these unauthorized trackers.

The best thing about this new tool is that it automatically detects what you’ve shared, like your location or photos, and with whom and how to immediately disable access and information.

It is a game changer when it comes to your security. This can mean the difference between life and death, especially if someone is in a domestic abuse situation.

What is security check?

You will need to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 16 software before you can see the new Safety Checkup feature. It was created by Apple for users who feel that their personal safety is at risk, whether it is a case of stalking, harassment, or at risk of domestic abuse or similar situations.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are displayed at the Apple Fifth Avenue store on September 16, 2022 in Manhattan, New York City.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are displayed at the Apple Fifth Avenue store on September 16, 2022 in Manhattan, New York City.
(Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

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When Safety Checkup is enabled, it allows users to choose who they are sharing their information with, restrict Messages and FaceTime on their iPhone, reset system privacy permissions for apps change passcode, change your Apple ID password, and more.

iPhone Security & Privacy

iPhone Security & Privacy

Where can I find Security Checkup on my iPhone?

Which apps use Security Checkup when enabled?

The following apps will stop sharing information with people you’ve restricted after Safety Checkup is enabled:

  • health
  • home
  • shared calendar
  • Share location using Find My
  • shared notes
  • Shared photos (including shared libraries and shared albums)

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When enabled, what information is turned off from being shared with Safety Check?

When Safety Check is enabled, it will remove any data collected by the following apps, networks and features:

  • Bluetooth
  • camera
  • Contact
  • files and folders
  • health
  • local network
  • location services
  • Media and Apple Music
  • microphone
  • speed and fitness
  • photos
  • reminder
  • research
  • speech recognition


What facilities are available at Security Check-in?

Safety Check comes with three main features.

1. Emergency reset

The first feature to look for within the security check is emergency reset. It’s available to anyone who wants to quickly reset access for all people and apps, as well as review and reset all settings associated with their Apple ID.

  • Your location will no longer be shared in Find My
  • Your privacy permissions will be reset for all apps
  • Messages and FaceTime will be limited to your iPhone only
iPhone Security & Privacy

iPhone Security & Privacy

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2. Manage Sharing and Access

If you want to restrict sharing to only certain people, you can selectManage sharing and access.This will allow you to customize which people and apps can access your information.

iPhone Security & Privacy

iPhone Security & Privacy

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3. Quick Exit

Finally, if you need to quickly hide the information you’re setting in your Safety Check app, all you have to do is tap the Quick Exit button and it’ll save any changes you’ve made and immediately will bring you back Security Checkup Homepage. No one will be able to access the changes you make in the meantime, essentially covering your tracks.

iPhone Security & Privacy

iPhone Security & Privacy

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Once you click on Manage Sharing & Access, it will take you to a list of your contacts, apps, and other devices (Mac laptop, iPad, etc.) and then allow you to pick and choose who you want to share and What do you want to share? with your information. All your work will be saved, and you can always go back to Security Checkup later and change your work.

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