The ‘All-New Firefly’ Series Concludes Its Spectacular Show With ‘Big Damn Finale #1’

Even though Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” was canceled by Fox Television after just one season and went off the air 20 years ago, beloved “Firefly” characters and storylines have been preserved through the years through official tie-in novels. There has been a strong resurgence, with comic series, role-playing games, clothing lines, graphic novels, and even a savory “firefly”-themed cookbook.

Boom! The studio has been at the forefront of this canonical resurgence of interest with its flagship comic book titles since 2018, and now one of its most recent offerings, “The All-New Firefly,” is concluding its story with a special over-stuffed issue. is the one who has just arrived. This Week With “Big Damon Finale #1” (opens in new tab)Our Firefly streaming guide can help you get caught up in the TV series and its movie “Sanctity” so you know what to expect in the comics.

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