The Bold and the Beautiful’s Dawn Diamont: Why did you sleep with Bill, save Sheila?

“She’s in a very dark, dark place.”

Talk about a shocking revelation! we knew it bold and beautifulThis backfired on Bill, but never in a million years could we have imagined that the troubled path he’s on would lead him to become Sheila Carter’s lover and fierce protector! Yet that’s exactly what happened in the episode that aired on December 28!

“I’m really proud of what’s next, because it’s a very different path for Bill,” explained illustrator Don Diamont. soap opera digest, How big a challenge has it been? “I had to be fully invested and committed [it]And it took some work to wrap my head around it!”

For the past few weeks, viewers have been left wondering what was really going on with Bill, whose behavior was extreme… even for him! Katie and Liam both knew things were about to get worse when they realized he was wearing his sword necklace once again. “When you wear that thing around your neck,” Liam hesitated, “it means you’re in scorched-earth mode.”

Bill Katie Behind the B&B

Bill is put on edge by Katie’s rejection.

credit: Howard Warr / JPI

How bad are things going to get? “It’s worse than the guy who came on the scene about 14 years ago,” Diamont previewed. “He can be a very bad guy, and things are spiraling out of control.”

Sheila has also been out of control for quite some time. Truth be told, he’s probably been that way since shortly after the character was introduced. the young and the Restless, But shooting both Steffy and Finn was definitely a low point (even for her), and she’s been trying to dig her way out ever since.

For a while, it seemed like Deacon might be the only port of call available to Sheila…but now it seems to us that during the time she was sneaking out of her tiny apartment, she struck up a relationship with Bill. Was staying!

b Sheila Deacon Fight

Apparently, Deacon isn’t the only man who proved unable to resist Sheila’s charms!

credit: Howard Warr / JPI

Emerging from this week’s storm to stop Steffy and Finn from arresting Sheila, Bill admits that, like him, he’s in a bad place… even taking the blame, at least. In part, Steffy’s much earlier disapproval (combined with the more recent ones of Katie and Brooke) of his dark state. He claimed, “No one gives a damn whether I live or die.” “And this woman knows all about him.”

Stating that he has been single for so long, Bill suggests that no one cares. “I’ve tried, Steffy. I’ve tried so hard to be good to you. To Brooke. To Katie. And none of you want anything to do with me. He knew, it was the fate he had brought upon himself. Admitting that he had lied, cheated and backstabbed people.”I’ve hurt a lot over the years.”

With Steffy feeling as if she might vomit, Sheila coaxes Bill, who announces that he is “going to someone I can’t hurt.”

And then the biggest shocker came when Bill swore that unless Steffy worked to keep her crazy mother-in-law out of jail, she would press charges against Taylor for shooting her a few years back!

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Even the soap’s other cast members were shocked by the twist. “It’s crazy, isn’t it?” Krista Allen (Taylor) laughs. “When I read the script, I had to go back and read it again. It was like, ‘Wait, did she say… yes, it definitely did!’

As for Diamont, he’s clearly enjoying the twist, even as he wonders how things will work out for his alter ego. “He doesn’t even know who he is anymore,” the actor said with a sigh. “She’s in a very dark, dark place.”

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