Want cheap mobile data? move to israel or italy

How much do you pay for your phone plan? US residents looking to save on mobile data might consider moving to Israel, Italy or Fiji.

According to a study conducted by Cable.co.uk(Opens in a new window)In the US, people pay $5.62 per 1GB of data. North America has some of the most expensive mobile data in the world, averaging $4.98 per 1GB, although Canada is slightly more expensive than the US at $5.94 per 1GB.

Table showing the global cost of mobile internet from Statista

(credits: Statista)

Cable.co.uk checked phone plans in 233 countries and found that Israel has the cheapest mobile data at just $0.04 per GB. The report attributes this to higher smartphone penetration as well as stronger competition from providers that “offer huge data allowances with extensive 4G LTE and 5G network coverage.”

It’s a similar story in Italy, where mobile data averages $0.12 per GB. Cable.co.uk says “A dozen or so popular providers in Italy collectively offer some of the cheapest data in the world. 5G is now available to around 95% of the population, with 4G ubiquitous.”

Chart of countries with the most and least expensive data

(Credits: cable.co.uk)

The top five countries with affordable mobile data include San Marino (where Italy maintains the infrastructure), Fiji and India.

On Budget? Avoid Saint Helena ($41.06), Falkland Islands ($38.45), São Tomé and Príncipe ($29.49), Tokelau ($17.88) and Yemen ($16.58).

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“The similarities between these five nations are both striking and obvious,” notes Cable.co.uk. “Two out of five are located in sub-Saharan Africa, and four out of five are island nations. Sub-Saharan Africa is generally the second most expensive region in the world for mobile data, while island nations are also among the most Are. Expensive.”

South Korea, meanwhile, may be known for its lightning-fast internet, but mobile data there isn’t cheap at $12.55 per GB, the most expensive in Asia (excluding the Near East).

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