5 Best Budget Controllers For Xbox And PC

If you're looking for a cheap Xbox or PC controller, Turtle Beach, Hyperkin, 8BitDo, Power-A, and Hori are all good choices.

Standard official gamepads often sell for around $60 brand new

The benefits and downsides of some of the most popular ones for Xbox and PC.

Every one of these may be more or less appealing to you for various reasons. 

The title of "best budget controller" will be determined by your requirements.

The good news is that if you want to save money, you can acquire a wonderful budget gamepad for Xbox or PC

The majority of the devices on this list are strong enough to serve as your primary controller

Act as a viable backup for when your primary controller succumbs to the inevitable entropy known as "Drif

Microsoft's unique wireless technology, the feature is only available on genuine Xbox controllers and a few others.