AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU Motherboards From MSI Will Have Toolless M.2 SSD Installation

For AMD's Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs, MSI is planning some exciting improvements for their X670E & B650 motherboards. 

The toolless M.2 installation was one of those capabilities, which was briefly demonstrated on the prior MSI Insider Livestream.

High-End MEG/MPG X670E & B650 Motherboards From MSI Will Have Toolless M.2 For Simple SSD Installation And Usability For AMD Ryzen 7000 PC Builders

The innovative "Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr" toolless M.2 SSD installation design enables you to put an M.2 device below the Shield Frozr M.2 heatsink without having to deal with tools or screws.

The MEG & MPG class X670 & B650 motherboards, including the MEG X670E GODLIKE, MEG X670E ACE, and MPG X670E Carbon WiFi.

MSI will continue to provide its EZ M.2 clips for the remaining X670 & B650 models. 

These clips are another straightforward installation option that doesn't involve the use of any tools and can be used to seat an M.2 device simply sliding the clip into position.

All MSI motherboards, with the exception of the Mini-ITX B650 models, will keep the EZ M.2 clips underneath the non-Shield Frozr heatsinks.

Additionally, MSI has patented the features and intends to apply them throughout its forthcoming motherboard lineup.

MSI demonstrated the M.2 Shield Frozr toolless design during their Insider Livestream.