An End to an Internet Era with Internet Explorer.

Everyday tasks like looking up the definition of a term or locating the best restaurants around need the use of a web browser.

The search engines we use now, however, aren't as quick or effective as the ones we used to, much like the storied Internet Explorer, which annoyed many users with its terribly poor rates.

Even if it wasn't very ideal for streaming TV episodes and movies or surfing social networking sites back then, it nonetheless fulfilled its job.

Every person who was born in 1995 or before has seen a significant impact from Internet Explorer.

The first few web browsers to be widely used and introduced many people to online browsing.

Many people have found it to be a trustworthy friend, especially in the early years of the internet when things moved much more slowly.

Its straightforward design and user-friendly interface were a welcome change from the earlier, more intricate search engines.

But as everything wonderful must come to an end, Microsoft has finally made the decision to implement Internet Explorer's retirement.

Even the ongoing addition of upgrades to Internet Explorer, according to Sean Lyndersay, General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, cannot keep up with the overall advancements of the web.

They have chosen to start over using Microsoft Edge because of this.