The revamp of Aurelion Sol leads to the new Teamfight Tactics 12.13 patch.

The new 12.13 patch for Teamfight Tactics is now out, and lovers of the Astral trait and Aurelion Sol will be overjoyed.

A collection of Astral enhancements, including a significant Aurelion Sol revamp that will please fans of the niche dragon, lead the key changes in this latest release.

Aurelion Sol is a 10-cost unit with a 5-cost rarity, therefore players should anticipate the unit to have a lot of power.

Aurelion Sol will maintain his kit's basic characteristic of generating black holes beneath adversaries and doing damage.

Aurelion Sol, on the other hand, is being pushed into a greater utility position.

Aurelion Sol will create a black hole beneath a random adversary that will implode in two seconds.

This will deliver a lot of magic damage (which has also been increased), but most significantly, foes hit by Aurelion Sol's strike will now take 20% more damage.

The Astral trait drops treasure and modifies the store to drop additional Astral troops, making it a simple method to field 3-star units.

However, the Astral characteristic as a whole was lacking.

Units within the Astral trait had limited synergy, and Astral was not very strong overall.