The 'Battlefield 3' Reality Mod will be available this week.

The revamped Reality Mod for Battlefield 3 is slated to launch this week, with the goal of "creating an immersive gameplay and a more realistic experience."

This mod for Battlefield 3's PC edition, which will be released on July 17, delivers a lot of tweaks and overhauls to the core experience of the 2011 shooter.

The mod has updated the UI, game experience, Frostbite Engine, models, textures, and game types, as well as adding radio channels, 100+ player and a 24-hour day-night cycle.

The mod, which appears to be a whole new experience, has been the labour of love of more than 80 contributors and 7 years of work.

"BF3: Reality Mod is a BF3 mod that emphasises communication and collaboration. It is inspired by the popular BF2 mod "Project Reality."

"It delivers a comprehensive gameplay and UI redesign that produces a more tactical and meaningful experience," according to the video description.

"Reality Mod is designed with the VU modding framework, a BF3 modification that, in addition to modding, provides private server hosting.

To play the mod, you'll need a fully functional copy of Battlefield 3, as well as all of its downloadable DLC.

The game is compatible with both the Steam and Origin versions of the game.

There are also several future features detailed on the website, such as upgraded vehicle dynamics, improved duty allocation, a new medical system, and bespoke visual effects.