Metal Gear Solid nods and figurine battles are included in the new Tales from the Borderlands

 The Borderlands to be one of the best stories created by the now-defunct Telltale Games

Its blend of levity, action, and a surprising amount of heart left a lasting impression on players

 New Tales from the Borderlands, an all-new interactive narrative game, is now available for the series

 The Gearbox Quebec team for a hands-on early demo of the upcoming title to see if they could recapture the Telltale magic

It's a successor rather than a proper sequel, though series alumni have contributed to its creation

Gearbox appears to be content with sticking to the script rather than completely reinventing the narrative genre

Demonstration started early in the second chapter of the story

The classic Borderlands humour is on display as Octavio answers a call from his "friend" Paco

The dialogue tree itself is fairly standard. More than a 1:1 read through, each cardinal direction represents a different answer

If there is no player input, a metre shrinks, indicating how much time you have to choose an option