Bicyclists' heads are better protected with airbag bike helmets.

Even though bike helmets offer a lot of protection, it is still possible to suffer a brain injury while wearing one.

Due to this issue, two Swedish businesses created a prototype airbag-equipped helmet that might be very helpful in the case of an accident.

A collaboration between the maker of automobile safety systems Autoliv and the maker of protective clothing POC resulted in the creation and testing of the helmet.

While there haven't been many technical specifics disclosed.

We do know that the gadget has sensors that can detect movements brought on by unexpected falls, an electrical control unit that automatically inflates the airbag, and the airbag itself.

The latter is made up of three fabric-bodied channels that, when not in use, are concealed behind the helmet's removable outer panels.

They cover the top and sides of the head and exert a pressure of 60 kPa (8.7 psi).

According to Autoliv, the concept is for the airbag to serve as the primary energy absorber and the foam liner inside the helmet to serve as the secondary absorber.

The design, weight, or comfort of the helmet are not said to be compromised by this feature, therefore during routine riding, it functions much like a standard helmet.

The helmet was put on the head of a crash test dummy, which was then dropped onto flat or inclined surfaces from heights of up to 1.8 metres (5.9 feet).