Microsoft will begin supplying combat-ready HoloLens goggles 

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft will deliver the first units of its Integrated Visual Augmentation System (or IVAS) goggles to the military 

 The goggles, which provide soldiers in the field with a heads-up display and night vision capabilities

 Based on modifications to Microsoft's existing HoloLens augmented reality technology

Microsoft first signed a contract with the military in late 2018 to develop combat-modified HoloLens goggles

The deal was worth $480 million.This eventually led to internal conflict within the company

Some employees believed their work was being used to spread violence overseas rather than to help people

The HoloLens division has also experienced some turmoil at Microsoft

Internal pressure did not prevent the military deal from going ahead

 The military could spend up to $21.9 billion on the IVAS programme over the next decade