NASA has recently grounded one of its most critical Mars missions.

Ingenuity has been grounded by NASA. The space agency's tiny Mars-based helicopter is currently resting in the Jezero crater.

Since its arrival on Mars in 2021, the small chopper has been shattering records.

  During that period, it has been demonstrated that flying on Mars is conceivable, despite the thin atmosphere and reduced gravity.

However, because it is now winter on Mars, the planet's atmosphere has gotten extremely dusty.

The dust has been a major hindrance in our exploration of the Martian surface. 

Dust, in fact, forced NASA to shut down the InSight lander when it covered the spacecraft's solar panels.

The lander is now out of power due to the usage of solar panels to replenish its batteries. 

However, NASA intends to extract as much research as possible from the juice. 

The team claims that grounding Ingenuity will allow the little helicopter to recharge its batteries. 

So that when the dust settles, it can get back to work. So ingenuity isn't dormant forever.