Lots of Reasons to Like the Nothing Phone 1, Including the Price.

The first phone from the firm has arrived, although not yet in the US.

Even if it's inexpensive and has a distinctive look, there are still more reasons to buy one.

The phone is great for a lot of reasons, from its flashing LED "glyph" to its reasonable pricing.

Although the absence of US launch support is unfortunate.

This phone otherwise appears like an intriguing midrange option for those of you looking for something a little different from Apple, Samsung, or Google's offerings.

The information you need to know about the first phone from the tech firm is provided below.

Nothing, not even the cost, availability, or more importantly, the product's quality.

That particular ethos is what elevated OnePlus from a small, specialised business to a leading tech brand with goods that compete fiercely with the best ones on the market.

Pei quit OnePlus to create Nothing, his new business.

Pei's concept of attempting to do things a bit differently than competitors should make it an intriguing brand to watch even though I can't say I'm a big admirer of the moniker.