It appears like Nvidia is slashing the cost of their premium GPUs.

The past week or two has seen a lot of news coverage around a potential catastrophe for Nvidia. 

 The business is almost ready to introduce its 40-series GPUs, but there's a small issue: Right now, there are far too many 30-series cards available on online shop shelves.

There wasn't supposed to be any GPUs there. After all, a GPU scarcity has existed for the previous two years. 

 However, the cryptocurrency market began to collapse in May. In June, everything became worse, and as of now in July, cryptocurrency is on life support.

This has caused an unanticipated glut of GPUs to hit the market. 

It's suddenly the complete opposite of a GPU scarcity. As a result, Nvidia is currently offering its most potent Ampere GPUs at a steep discount.

 All of its top-tier GPUs are now significantly less than MSRP at significant retailers.

Undoubtedly, Nvidia is concerned about history repeating itself.

Back in 2018, the business had a tonne of shares from the Pascal period on the market even as it attempted huge introduce Turing, at much higher prices .

The dramatic decrease in cryptocurrency sales. Pascal cards sold below MSRPs for weeks as a result of the oversupply, whereas Turing remained on the shelf.