Predictions for the PlayStation Showcase 2022 include Spider-Man 2 gameplay, The Last of Us multiplayer

The 2022 PlayStation Showcase appears to be happening this month, but Sony hasn't said anything about it.

There's a lot of good stuff coming to the PlayStation 5 - some sooner than later, like God of War Ragnarök

Another big September event would be the ideal time to host an hour-long stream about it all.

So, until Sony says otherwise, don't take this as gospel that an event is taking place.

But first, take out your crystal ball and make some predictions about what might happen at this year's PlayStation Showcase.

God of War Ragnarök gameplay: Since Game Informer has already shown gameplay, we can expect an extended gameplay trailer.

Whether it's Horizon or Resident Evil Village, expect to see some extra gameplay and more information about the headset before its 2023 release.

Sony will almost certainly use this as an opportunity to tell you what else Premium subscribers will be able to access.

Spider-Man 2 is set to release in 2023, and if we consider what happened in the lead-up to the original Spider-Man on PS4,

Prediction 1: Spider-Man 2 gameplay

In this day and age, we simply cannot afford to keep the PS5 on at all times to access games, so nailing this would be a huge consumer-friendly move.