Purchase this reconditioned Chromebook to use as a $40 traveling workstation.

You probably don't want to transport a pricey computer that you can't live without if you travel for work.

What you could want is a mobile device that is little less expensive but still capable of handling the essentials. 

If you want a computer you can work on, take on the road with you, and not worry about, this reconditioned HP Business Chromebook could be the ideal fit.

 This reconditioned Chromebook is on sale for for $40 (regularly $139) for a brief period of time.

This Chromebook has been refurbished to a C grade and may have some noticeable scratches and other flaws, but it has also been tested and works normally.

It offers a terrific and effective configuration if you're seeking for a computer to utilise while travelling. 

Additionally, it is just 11.8 inches broad, which is just wide enough to be a useful working surface without being too big to be an obstruction.

Every Chromebook runs the Chrome OS, which is found within.

The majority of daily tasks can be completed using your Google Suite, and you have 16GB of storage available for downloading apps for everything else

If you're searching for a Chromebook that gets the job done without being overloaded with bells and whistles, this one could be ideal for you.