Saints Row Reboot:10 Best Perk To Unlock

Saints Row has numerous customization options, including perks, allowing anyone to cause havoc. Success is dependent on knowing which ones are the best.

The reimagined Saints Row is brimming with options, with a plethora of weapons, skills, and vehicles to choose from

There are so many good options to choose from with so many perks, all of which are divided into three tiers - Minor, Major, and Elite. 

These ten benefits are the best to have if you want to become a criminal mastermind.

Nitrous is an unlockable vehicle configuration that allows players to accelerate faster than usual.

It can be unlocked by completing a five-step process that culminates in a large purchase worth thousands of dollars.

The nitrous, however, does not last forever; a metre detects when a vehicle's nitrous fuel is completely depleted.

Close Call allows players to use nitrous boosting more frequently than usual, encouraging plenty of reckless driving.

Whenever there is a near miss, the vehicle gains more boost time.