Twitter is it down?

Twitter is it down?
We believe that you are now asking yourself this question.

Your go-to source for the most recent information, updates from your favourite celebs, and much more is undoubtedly Twitter.

However, it's going to be difficult for you to get all of that valuable information at the moment since it seems the widely used social network may have been taken offline.

Since roughly 13:15 BST (07:15 CST), Twitter has been giving users all across the world trouble by failing to feed fresh tweets to your timeline.

Users of Twitter may still enter into their accounts, but the 'tweets' section of the site isn't updating and either displays outdated tweets from when you last used the app or has no tweets at all.

If you get the "There was a problem.

Try refreshing the message "Sadly, reloading won't do the trick, and you'll have to wait it out with the rest of us.

As services of this ilk regrettably experience numerous network failures on what seems like a regular basis, Twitter has been down before, and it won't be the last.

We will continue to witness social media behemoths like Twitter being pulled offline, whether it be due to server problems, hackers, or the internal team ruining the site with new features.

We can only hope that Twitter will soon be operational again because there are few other places where you may broadcast your private thoughts to the globe.