The new "Unmentioning" tool on Twitter will allow users to abandon conversations once and for all.

Twitter has recently taken efforts to guarantee that its platform remains a safe area for its users, who are not subjected to trolling or harassment.

One of the most recent measures has been to expand the beta of its Safety Mode to roughly half of all accounts in significant English-speaking areas.

It is now taking it a step further by allowing users to eliminate themselves from the narrative, making their Twitter experience better and safer.

This will be the job of Twitter's new "Unmentioning" function, which was previewed last year and is now being sent out to all of its users across all devices and platforms.

Users can quickly remove themselves from talks using this feature.

"Sometimes you just want to see yourself out," Twitter Safety's official account remarked in a tweet.

"Control your mentions and exit a discussion with Unmentioning, which is now available to everyone on all devices."

If you're wondering how to end a Twitter chat once and for all, the procedure is straightforward.

A three-dot menu will appear next to the tweet in which you are tagged.

When you click on it, a menu appears with many alternatives, including muting the user(s), muting the chat, or quitting it entirely.