The 'Resolved' Outlook Search Bug in Windows 11 Resurfaces: When Will It Be Fixed?

Windows 11 may have solved small flaws this year, but Outlook users are still experiencing the Outlook Search issue that was originally fixed in January.

A bug that interferes with Outlook search results in some scenarios has affected Windows 11 users.

When performing a search in Outlook on a Windows 11 PC, the email software occasionally fails to return results that are relevant to recent messages.

The issue can occur with POP, IMAP, and offline Exchange accounts, where Outlook normally indexes emails using the local Windows Search service.

However, it appears that this error is not widespread in other Microsoft apps.

Indeed, Online Exchange accounts and Microsoft 365 are unaffected since they rely on service search for the majority of their searches, which is unaffected by the fault.

"When searching in Outlook Desktop on Windows 11," Microsoft notes, "you may not see the most recent emails in the search results."

Microsoft stated it is investigating the issue and is "currently working on a solution.

It would provide an update on any modifications to the support page that mentions the problem.

Microsoft advises Windows 11 users to disable Windows Desktop Search and utilise the built-in search engine in Outlook as a fix.